The Dominican Republic – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

The Dominican Republic

When one thinks of the Dominican Republic you can’t help but think of lush tropical mountains and valleys, miles of sandy beaches, rushing rivers, and a country filled with warm weather and friendly people.  The island is also home to the Caribbean’s tallest mountain Capital City, Santo Domingo and sister isle to the island of Haiti.

National Botanic Gardens

The Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola while the other one third is occupied by Haiti. Although it is one large island, it is separate from Haiti in that it has its own cultural, ethnic, and language differences. It is also the second-largest island in the Caribbean situated just two hours south of Miami in the United States.

It is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries with deserts, tropical rain forests, mangrove swamps, and alpine ranges.   Its aquamarine beaches, a solid tourism infrastructure, astounding nature, intriguing history, and rich culture are just some of the qualities that draw tourists to this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Apart from the historic national parks, ecotourism adventures, perfectly textured mountain ranges, you will also find some of the world’s best beaches, extremely beautiful resorts, and a wide variety of adventure, sports, and entertainment to welcome you on your visit to the island.

Los Tres Ojos

Today, the island’s economy is driven by tourism, manufacturing, and construction. The island has had a long history of exporting sugar, coffee, and tobacco to larger countries but due to the growth of tourism, telecommunication, and free trade, like other islands agriculture is now primarily grown and used by its citizens with a small export market to other Caribbean islands

The island is one of the least expensive of all the Caribbean islands. The island’s culture is a mixture of the cultures of Africans, Spaniards. Europeans and Taino natives and this can be seen in their choice of food, religion, and music. Dominicans have a reputation for being some of the friendliest and more cordial people in the islands. So, if you are planning your next vacation on a budget you should definitely consider the Dominican Republic as it has so much to offer just a stone throw away.

With all the beautiful architecture and the colonial splendors of the island, it is hard-pressed to find another island that has so much to see and do in one visit to the island.

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