The Nylon Pool/Buccoo Reef – Tobago – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

The Nylon Pool/Buccoo Reef – Tobago

The Nylon Pool is a crystal clear swimming pool about a meter long and a foot deep situated in the middle of the ocean, that is created by an offshore sandbar and still lagoon.  Partially surrounded by a reef the shallow water of the pool is relatively calm, warm with a beautiful transparent shade of aquamarine. It is said if you are searching for the fountain of youth that by bathing in the Nylon Pool it would grant you everlasting youth and other benefits. Tobago is known as the world’s best Eco Destination, a great reason for your eco lovers to visit.  It is home to a natural wonder of the world a beautiful underwater garden filled with a variety of corals and beautiful fishes call Buccoo Reef. The reef is a major tourist attraction and easily accessible to non-swimmers and snorkeling lovers.  

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