The Queens Park Savannah – Round-a-Bout – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

The Queens Park Savannah – Round-a-Bout

The Queens Park Savannah in Port of Spain is the largest round-a-bout in the world.  It measures a space of 3.5 km (2 miles) and is meticulously maintained with low cut manicured lawn lined with beautiful Samaan and Poui trees.  The Savannah is owned by the State and is primarily used for outdoor activities. It is close to some of the most exquisite buildings in the country which includes the Prime Minister’s residence, the President’s House and a group of extinguished buildings known as the ‘Magnificient Seven’.  It is a two miles radius of walking trail, and sporting grounds are primarily used by fitness enthusiasts on any given day. The Savannah usually comes to life on evenings and weekends when sports enthusiasts, health fanatics, joggers, families, tourists stroll along the streets to indulge in fitness regime or to enjoy the scrumptious local dishes sold by local street vendors along the route.  Across from the park is the Emperor Valley Zoo, of about 2.5 hectares, is host to indigenous species of wildlife like ocelots, caimans, red howler monkeys, various birds, snakes, and tropical fish. Located next to the Zoo is the Botanical Gardens, a nature lovers’ paradise, which was established in 1818.  The garden is home to over seven hundred trees and plants from T&T and many other countries around the world. The beautiful National Academy of Performing Arts, NAPA is located on the northern side of the Savannah.  The beautiful elegant building was built to resemble the Chaconia, the National Flower of the country.  There is always a buzz of cultural activity on the inside amidst its amazing architecture and beautiful interior.  A few yards away is the National Museum and Art Gallery which was established in 1892 and house about ten thousand pieces of Artwork like the famous Cazabon paintings.  And the Savannah would not be complete without mentioning the Grand Stand which sits permanently in the Savannah and is used to hosts various local and international concerts including our world-renowned Carnival Celebrations.

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