The travel industry was forced to restrict any form of tourism due to novel coronavirus. Though many safety measures have been taken during the quarantine restrictions, it has dampened a lot of travelers and tourists’ interest in traveling.  Caribbean tourism has taken a great hit from the virus as most tourists had to cancel their trip to the islands because of border closures.

Several months after the lockdown, many Governments around the world, including the Caribbean islands have decided to open their borders with preventative measures to returning citizens and tourists. The Caribbean islands are just about ready to re-open and welcome tourists back to the beautiful sunny isles. Several Caribbean islands have set different rules, restrictions, and regulations for returning residents and tourists to cope with the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Every tourist and traveler wants to make the Caribbean islands their next travel destination due to its extraordinary hospitality and beauty. The novel coronavirus has been harsh to most of the islands’ economy in the sense that most of their economy is largely dependent on tourism. Now, the Caribbean countries are looking to attract tourists and travelers once more to their beautiful shores.

We are proud to announce some of the Caribbean islands that will be re-opening soon and their latest developments:

  • Bermuda

The island will resume International commercial air service to visitors to the island starting July 1, 2020. 

  • St. Lucia

The international Airport here (Hewanorra Airport) re-opened on June 4.  Borders are now officially opened to all international carriers and visitors carrying their passports.

Before you can gain access to St. Lucia, you have to show proof of your Covid-free test; temperature checks will be taken upon arrival; travelers must wear face masks in public during their stay.

  • Aruba

This country will officially re-open its islands on June 15 for visitors from Curacao and Bonaire, while Tourists from Europe and Canada will be allowed on the island on July 1; and tourists from the United States will be welcomed on July 10.

  • Jamaica

The Government has officially confirmed that borders will re-open to travelers on June 15. The Ministry of Health & Wellness with the Airports Authority of Jamaica will collaborate in the screening and testing of arriving travelers. A compulsory test will undergo but no quarantine will be required.

Screenings of travelers will involve electronic thermal scans. Social distancing and face masks in public will be required of citizens and visitors.

In a couple of weeks, Jamaica Government will review whether to re-open public Islands, beaches, water attractions, and amusement parks, some much welcome news for summer travelers.

  • Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is yet to contain the spread of this Covid-19, with over 17,700 cases and counting. The Government has closed all sea and land borders; air arrivals are also restricted. Additionally, face masks are compulsory if you are to go out in all public places, and all citizens are meant to comply with the safety measures to contain the spread of the virus. Hopefully, the island will re-open around late July or early August. 

  • Grenada

Grenada will re-open its borders in the coming weeks. The Lauriston airport in Carriacou and Maurice Bishop airport in Grenada is preparing for the restart of commercial traffic later this summer.

  • Cuba

The Tourism Minister has reported as saying that the country is due to start accepting visitors to the island as soon as the Covid-19 crisis is under control.

In the ABC and BES Caribbean islands together with St. Maarten tourists can now travel freely without having to quarantine for 14 days on the island. 

  • St Kitts/Nevis

Many other Caribbean island borders are still closed to tourists and visitors.  Some islands are accommodating citizens by private planes but passengers have to be quarantined for 14 days before going into public places. 

  • The Bahamas

The Bahamas Islands are expected to open to visitors as early as July 15.  No international flights are scheduled in or out of the island before that date although some private aircraft are given permission to fly into the island to retrieve international visitors who wished to leave the island.

  • Barbados

The island has not yet opened its borders to international aircraft.  Private aircraft are welcome to stay overnight allowing their crew to be quarantined in a nearby hotel while passengers stay on board. 

  • Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has still not opened their borders for international travel.  Some private aircraft are being used to bring their nationals home after they have been quarantined for 14 days.  The island has very strict rules about citizens returning and different stages for the reopening of their borders.  The Prime Minister has declared the borders will remain closed until the virus is contained.

The island was ranked top among world countries by Oxford University for being the most prepared for Covid-

  • Turks & Caicos & Other nearby Islands

Most of these popular vacation sites are also in preparation for the re-opening of their borders.  A tentative date of July 22 is being set for the return of international visitors.

Most of the Caribbean islands are looking to re-open in July or August. However, some dates may change depending on the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases on the islands. Caribbean islands authorities would like to make sure it is safe to travel before tourists can visit the islands.

Caribbean governments are very keen on protecting their citizens from imported cases around the world, thus the reason they are taking every preventative measure to ensure that the virus is contained in quarantine before opening their borders to returning citizens and tourists.  

The Caribbean looks forward to welcoming tourists after Covid-19. A warm welcome awaits future travelers and tourists to the islands.

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