Trinidad City in Cuba – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Trinidad City in Cuba

Trinidad is a town in central Cuba and a World Heritage Site since 1988.   Known for its cobblestone streets Trinidad is one of Cuba’s best-preserved colonial town.  History, architecture, museums and friendly locals with a back in time atmosphere make Trinidad a ‘must-see’ destination. Trinidad is one of the wealthier cities in Cuba from the production of sugar cane, cattle and tobacco all credit to the importation of African slaves on the island. There is so much beauty on the island with its extravagant palaces, large plazas, old colorful colonial homes painted in a myriad of bright yellows, blues and pinks.  Wander down the narrow cobblestone streets for pictures of vintage cars, listen to live music in the plaza, hop into a horse-drawn carriage or simply cool off on some fresh cane juice is all that makes Trinidad City an exciting place to visit.

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