Unleashing the Beauty of the Caribbean Islands! – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Unleashing the Beauty of the Caribbean Islands!

Full of the adventures and breathtakingly beautiful islands; a vacation in the Caribbean is just like discovering the spark of life in the finest climates of the world. The Caribbean also regarded as the Mecca of tourist attraction can reveal to you the best beaches in the world. Relaxing on the widespread white sands of Isla Palomina, Crash Boat and other exciting beaches under the sun creates the waves of joy in the heart and the crystal-clear sparkling waters deeply calms the soul.

For every soul that cherishes the love to travel, the Dunns river falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a bliss. The natural waterfalls and the lush green vegetarian in the area is such a delightful experience for every tourist to cherish the memory of the beauty and serenity for the rest of their lives. Atlantis submarines, viewing the underwater world that lays beneath the sea would leave the impressions of the beauty of the underwater world in your mind forever.  

The appreciation of the underwater worlds with colorful canyons, lively reefs, historical shipwrecks is wonderful and evokes a deep sense in the meaning of life. For every adventure seeker, the love to explore new traditions, cultures, and places is embraced in the truly magnificent islands of the Caribbean.

There are many countries to visit that might change your perspective of looking towards life and evoke deep a sense of wonder and awe that will grace you when you visit some of the finest beauty in the world.  The Dominican Republic with National Botanic Gardens, Acuaria Nacional (National Aquarium) and it’s tropical mountains and valleys; Somana Peninsula, Jamaica, the bioluminescence Bay, Puerto Rico; the Twin Pitons, St. Lucia; Antigua with its 365 beaches one for each day of the year; the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef System, Belize; the historic Queen Emma Bridge, Curacao; the beautiful foliage, rivers and waterfalls of the Nature Island, Dominica; St Vincent and the Grenadines has long been a yachter’s haven; the black sand beaches of St Kitts/Nevis; the nude beaches of St Martin’s French side; the great diving sites, excellent sailing and yachting in the British Virgin Islands; the white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters of Guadeloupe and the popular Caribbean islands of the rich and famous, St Barts and Turks and Caicos with their stunning beaches, luxury yachts, upscale designer boutiques, and breathtaking restaurants are just some of the amenities that will blow you away on your visit to the Caribbean.

The beauty of the Caribbean is that most of the major ethnicities are all represented here in the islands so it’s really daunting in deciding the best island to chose for your vacation.  The good news is that it is hard to go wrong with the beautiful weather all year round and the lovely beaches that lie within. Strange as it may sound at some time in one’s life a visit to the Caribbean is on everyone’s bucket list.  In our quest to highlight our beautiful islands here are some vital information on four of our top Caribbean islands: 


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Among the diverse countries in the Caribbean, the Domini can Republic with its wonderful culture, traditions, modernized cities with an essence of past colonization, and their abundance of sun, sand, rum, and relaxation is a beautiful Caribbean vacation destination.  It’s diversity in its climate with deserts, mangrove swamps, tropical rainforests, alpine ranges sprawling across different regions of the country provide a wonderful environment full of bliss that purely calms the soul.  

Being the least expensive of all the islands along with excellent transportation services including rental cars, metros, carro publicos (local transport) the Dominican Republic stands out and attracts tourists from all over the globe. The beautiful cities in the country include Santa Domingo, Santiago de Los Caballeros, Last Romana with each city offering tourists a different landscape.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Santa Domingo offers a variety of opportunities to explore its colonization past. Tres Ojos, gorgeous underwater crystal–clear water pools, Columbus Palace, Archaic Palace, Basilica Cathedral are just a few of the main sites of attraction to explore on the island. Santiago de Los Caballeros, before experiencing a devastating earthquake was the country’s first capital.

The country has excellent sporting facilities and nightlife combined. Thus, a trip to The Dominican Republic would give you a lifetime of memories, which will always be cherished by travelers. 


Balata Garden - Martinique

PARIS OF THE CARIBBEAN: A beautiful country with a mixture of the French and Caribbean cultures, Martinique offers breathtakingly beautiful mountain tops, lush tropical gardens, magnificent beaches that create waves of joy in the heart. This PARIS OF THE CARIBBEAN with its tropical climate, countless species of trees and beautiful nature attracts your soul and deeply calms your mind.

Fort de France, the capital city of Martinique, Le Robert, Saint Joseph are the wonderful cities for exploring in the country.  The island has so much to offer tourists including Balata Botanical Garden in Route de Balata about 10miles outside of Fort de France, the Balata Cathedral, and much more.  Excellent transportation facilities include car rental, small ferries, taxi, and public transport buses.  For every adventure seeker, this French Gem in the Caribbean is truly a bliss.


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 Jamaica, the most visited Caribbean destination with its iconic beaches, amazing waterfalls attracts a wide portion of European and North American tourists. Jamaica, also known for its rich and unique culture offers tourists a treasure of natural jewels including lush green mountains, coral reefs, and enduring rivers. Montego Bay and Ocho Rios are two of the main tourist attractions on the island among others.  The country has a variety of wonderful sites to visit which includes Hope Botanical Garden – a large garden in Central Kingston consisting mainly of specimen plants and imported trees, the iconic Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, the breezy and sparkling Rio Grande River, one of the largest rivers in Jamaica, the ghastly rapid Dunne River falls, a favorite tourist attraction. The country with fascinating tours, adventurous attractions, good transportation, and top sporting facilities the island offers plenty of fun options for all kinds of vacation seekers.


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Hidden gems, charming traditions, spectacular tropical climate, friendly inhabitants, and wonderful landscape purely define Cuba. This culture-rich country with the beautiful capital city of Havana fascinates tourists with its old charm and its myriad of sites to appreciate.  The capital, a historic city is home to many museums and memorials, the grandest church of Cuba, Cathedral de San Cristobal is situated inside Plaza de las Cathedral.  Other grandeur sites include Parque Nacional Finales and the Che Guevara mausoleum among others. The country has an excellent means of transportation, sporting facilities, and shopping facilities. While there is room for improvement, the place is a wonderful bliss for every explorer. 

Thus, with such beautiful countries, tradition, culture, and natural landscapes, the Caribbean is so fascinating to visitors and tourists that only their presence can appreciate the history and beauty of these beautiful islands.  So, if you want to enjoy the soul enthralling places in the world and want to relish the beauty of life and see the best of what life has to offer then a vacation to the Caribbean is all you need. 

Credit: Vaishnavi Badayale: email:  vaishnavibadayale@gmail.com 

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