Washington Slagbaal National Park – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Washington Slagbaal National Park

This Park is beautiful beyond words. When planning a trip to this National Park be prepared for rocky roads and uphill challenging hikes. There are plenty of breathtaking panoramic views which include the beautiful cactus bloom and cliffs along the way.  The park is an unspoiled conservation area catering for wildlife and animal life.  

There is a beautiful array of corals, a diversity of fish, a bright blue bay at the ocean side, a quiet salt-lake with flamingoes, pelicans and other water birds all waiting to be explored and enjoyed in the park.  

The entire coastline with its blowholes and the beautiful turquoise color water of the ocean is truly amazing.  If planning a trip to the park be aware that it gets very hot along the way so it’s best to set out early to avoid the burning sun.  Be sure to bring plenty of water, food and snacks as there are no restaurants or concessions stands along the way.  The park is beautiful beyond words and no visit to Bonaire would be complete without a visit to this beautiful and exotic national park.

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