Why the Caribbean? Why Not the Caribbean? – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Why the Caribbean? Why Not the Caribbean?

It’s Beauty, it’s Charm, it’s Welcome are just some of the characteristics that draw ‘vacation hungry’ visitors to the beautiful Caribbean Islands.  From Cuba in the North to Trinidad and Tobago in the South, these tropical gems sit quietly between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea eagerly awaiting your arrival to Paradise!

The Caribbean islands are unique from other vacation destinations, in that ALL the main power-houses of the world are represented in our little ‘Slice of Heaven.’  If you are French, British, Spaniard, or American there’s an island that awaits you.  At least one island or maybe a few should be on everyone’s Bucket List. Who doesn’t want to be on a beautiful beach on a tropical island, sailing the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean or bird-watching on one of the exotic gems in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is incredibly family-friendly and welcome families with open arms allowing visitors to discover the various culture, beautiful scenery as well as the opportunities to visit nearby islands. Picture yourself experiencing the warmth of meeting friendly island people, exploring mountains and rainforests, scuba diving; enjoy glamourous weddings, honeymoons, and romantic breaks; listening to reggae, soca, and steel band music, partake in the festivals reflecting the rich cultural diversity and history of the islands.  These are just some of the amenities that make the Caribbean attractive and everywhere else seem like a drab.  

If food is your fancy then the Caribbean dishes would definitely spark your interests.  Traditional Caribbean dishes are a coalescence of African, American, French, Spanish East Indian, and Chinese cuisine.  Caribbean cuisine is filled with aroma, colors, and a wonderful selection of spices and taste which makes it unique and a cut above the rest. But, the real beauty of the Caribbean lies in the cluster of islands and islets that allows visitors to go island hopping between islands with ‘easy-made’ transportation availabilities like ferry boats, catamarans, and inexpensive local airline flights. 

With over 700 islands about 30 or so inhabited, it is easy for a one-stop-shop to experience incredible beaches, gorgeous shorelines, fun activities, romance, sightseeing, and more ….  It is no secret that people flock to the Caribbean to frolic in the sunny beaches embraced with crystal clear waters, but also to view some of the most picturesque scenery in the world that lives on some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean like the spectacular landmark, the Twin Pitons in St Lucia – a wonderful sight to behold!  These unspoiled gems of islands host some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with world-class Resorts, a wealth of culture and history, and landscapes that fascinate, even the disinterested, with their amazing beauty.  

Some islands are best known for their wide range of amazing marine species like the Bahamas home to some of the best diverse marine wildlife in the world; the beautiful mountain trails of Martinique; Bermuda, is widely known as the home of the world-famous pink sand beaches; the second largest coral reef in the world can be found on the island of Belize; explore the majestic volcanic mountains and rainforests in Dominica; The Virgin Islands and Jamaica is widely known for their surreal scuba diving and snorkeling abilities; and the Caribbean boasts of having some of the most amazing places to honeymoon like, St Lucia, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, BVI, Cayman Islands are just a few of the many that honeymooners enjoy; also solo travelers are warmly welcomed and pandered to on many of the Caribbean islands like Grenada that has luxury rooms catering to the singles travelers or St. Lucia that has solos programs for singles giving solo travelers added value, activities and more for their buck.  Visitors who have had the good fortune of visiting these islands have been enraptured by the warmth and friendliness of island people and also by some of the most magical sunrise and sunsets on the planet.

There is so much to do and explore in the Caribbean you will find it difficult to choose one option.  But why chose one when you can have it ALL?  Does the above sound appealing? then you must take a look at the islands covered on this site as it might just be the impetus you need to ‘jump-start ‘your vacation to Paradise

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